Employment Management

Efficiently handle employee information with our advanced employment details module. Store personal, address, and emergency contact details securely. Manage employee departments and working schedules effortlessly. Empower your HR team with new department creation capabilities. Simplify HR operations today!


Some of the features included in our Employment details module

Effortless Employee Personal Details Management

Seamlessly store and manage comprehensive employee personal information. Easily access and update employee records for accurate HR data.

Secure Employee Address Records

Safely store employee addresses for effective communication and record-keeping. Ensure data privacy with robust security measures.

Reliable Employee Emergency Contact Storage

Maintain essential emergency contact details for each employee. Be prepared for any situation with accessible emergency information.

Flexible Employee Working Schedule Tracking

Record and monitor employee working schedules for easy workforce management.

Empower Your HR with New Department Creation

Create new departments to accommodate your company's growth. Tailor the module to match your unique organisational structure.

Access Permissions for Administrators

Empower administrators to give customised access to each employee. Control which modules employees can access, ensuring data security and privacy.

Employment Details Software Screenshot
Employment details

Dedicated employee page where you can:

  • Manage employment details
  • Add or cease employment
  • Set specific working schedule or assign the department's one
User Access Control Screenshot
Employment and access control

One tool to manage it all

  • Add or edit employment details and emergency contact.
  • Control what parts of the platform, employee can access.
  • Invite employees to use the system or just store their details.