Assets & Inventory

Enhance security, improve accountability, and optimise asset control with our comprehensive software solution. Experience the seamless organisation and tracking of your company's assets. Take advantage of the free module when you sign up! Streamline your asset and inventory management with our cutting-edge software.


Some of the features included in our Assets & Inventory Software

Inventory item assignment

Easily assign individual assets to specific company users. Streamline asset allocation and accountability.

Seamless asset return management

Mark assets as returned with a simple click, updating status instantly.

Detailed asset condition recording

Record and monitor asset conditions to facilitate maintenance decisions.

Quick item search and gilter options

Search assets by name or unique reference ID. Filter assets based on categories or current status.

Customisable asset categories

Create and manage your own asset categories for personalised organisation.

Comprehensive item information

Provide detailed asset descriptions and assign unique reference IDs.

Asset & Inventory Screenshot of item details
Item details

Dedicated item page where users can:

  • View full audit trail for any action made
  • Assign/Return or retire the item
  • Update details and condition
Assets & Inventory Software Screenshot of Company Assets
Company assets & Inventory

All assets at a glance

  • List of items and their statuses
  • Comprehensive search facility
  • Filters by type and status