All in one software with many solutions.

Easy to use, all in one, cost efficient, and flexible HR information software (HRIS) that oversees both the HR and SMEs inventory needs of small to medium business across Ireland and around the world.

Single account

One account can be linked to unlimited companies.

Invite users

Quickly invite users by sending them and email to join your company

Access control

Fine tune user access based on their roles within the company.


User details are never shared across companies, each company owns their own copy.

FREE core modules. No strings attached.

Our core modules will remain FREE forever, offering you a wide range of possibilities. Begin by adding or inviting users from your company, and then provide them with the necessary access based on your specific business requirements.

We provide a singular, all-encompassing software platform for managing your Company's HR, Inventory, and Employee absences. If accessing your data from various sources has become wearisome, our solution enables you to centralise it seamlessly, eliminating the need for multiple logins across a multitude of websites.

Absence Management Software Screenshot
Employee absence

Packed with features and highly customisible module that can meet your specific requirments.

  • Customisable absence types
  • Location based public holidays
  • Requests exceeding PTO allowance
  • Carry over days


Our pricing model ensures that you are only billed for the services you actually make use of. What's more, our transparent pricing policy encompasses a generous selection of free modules and features, equipping you with valuable tools at no extra cost. If your entity is a non-profit organization, charity, or educational institution, reach out to us – we have a specially crafted discounted package designed for you.

User management
  • Create and update users with ease
  • Control what users can see and do accross the platform
  • Bulk Invitations over email
  • Users can fill in their own personal details
  • Unlimited seats - so your business can grow
  • Effortless Employee Personal Details Management
  • Emergency contact details
  • Fine-Grained Access Permissions
  • Fixed/Flexible working schedules
  • Full-time/Part-time employment
€1.20 user/month
Absence management
  • Efficient absence tracking and control
  • Real-Time dashboard for easy monitoring
  • Flexible PTO calculation options
  • Customisable public holidays
  • Personalised absence types
Assets & Inventory
  • Efficient inventory item assignment
  • Seamless asset return management
  • Detailed asset condition recording
  • Streamlined asset retirement
  • Quick item search and gilter options

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